Friday, December 24, 2010


It's December 24th.
Which means I've missed 3 days for BEDID.
But you know, I'm ok with that. They've been good, full, yet restful days.

I baked a ton of cookies (yes, exaggeration...but we did bake a lot) with a good friend. Then I went to another friend's house to eat pizza, watch a movie, and talk into the wee hours of the night (we hadn't seen each other for far too long, especially considering that she lives relatively close). It was a day full of hugs, laughter, good conversation, and people & things that make me happy.

The next day I finished baking the cookies we hadn't gotten to, and made another batch of home made granola (yum). This was followed up with the end of cleaning, a Christmas movie or two, a couple viewings of the Nutcracker (different versions), wrapping presents, and packing to leave.

Yesterday was full of joy as well, starting with breakfast with a dear friend, and hours of talking, hanging, just generally loving on each other. Then I headed to my parents where I'll be with family until at least Monday, maybe Tuesday.

So, BEDID's gonna take a break (I wondered even at the beginning if this would happen). I've done pretty well, and we'll see what happens, but no expectations until next week, ok? ;)

Yes, it's December 24th.
Christmas Eve.
I get to see more family tonight, and Christmas day is tomorrow!
I love Christmas for so many reasons, but mainly because of the reason that it's a joyful time (Jesus). He really is the Reason for the season, and it's so much bigger than this day! I also love that all my family celebrates for this reason too.

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's almost here!

Christmas is SATURDAY!!!

and, it's snowing.

*happy sigh*

Girl's Night In!

Tonight my dear friend had dinner prepared for several of us friends at her house. We had a WONDERFUL time of laughter, good food, too many cookies, too much cake, joy, hugs, games, good conversation...the list goes on.

I've just noticed, I'm writing as if it's still Sunday night, but realize that it's become Monday morning (I just got home about 10/15 minutes ago)!

Good friends are good for me. They keep me grounded, lift me up, and encourage me. They love me for who I am now, and encourage me in my walk with our amazing God.

What a fabulous way to end a busy season & start a vacation!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Singing and making friendships grow

as you know if you've been reading this week, i have been singing. it's given me a chance to do something i love. it's had some hard work, and a lot of it in this week, but it's been good. tonight (service 1 of 3) went well, and good response was had - worshipful, meaningful, pointing to God - so it was worth it all!

also, it has contributed to the growth of a few new friendships, and that's always exciting. makes me smile just to think of the hugs and love of Christ in so many of these people.

to bed i now go, 'cuz i get to do this again early tomorrow morning... 2 more services to go!

Friday, December 17, 2010

p4a (dftba)

In the last few months, I've gotten more involved with random people (indirectly, and a little directly) online. I've done more with YouTube than ever before, joined Twitter, participated more on Facebook and even done a teensy bit on Dailybooth.

As a result of this I've begun "following" several people that are heavily (more or less) involved in several of those sites. It sorta feels like I've made some new friends... and if I ever meet them, it will be interesting in a "I've seen a lot of you, but you've never seen me in your life" kind of way. However, it must be said that most of them are used to that, and are always pleased to meet the people (unless they're meeting jerks) who have commented/followed/been interested in their lives/videos/thoughts.

That being said, I've learned about a really cool project called "Project for Awesome" (or P4A) that takes place on December 17th & 18th - I think each year, though the date may fluxuate. I also believe this is year 3 in the project. It's all about raising money for charities, and using YouTube to bring attention to it all.

You can learn more about Project for Awesome here. (Be aware, Hank talks VERY quickly, all the time, so listen closely!)

I am amazed already by what has happened today and will be trying to check in tomorrow to see how it's going as well. Do yourself a favor, check it out, and be encouraged by others doing good to "decrease world suck."

DFTBA. (for the short answer, click here.)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Songs

it's snowing.
powdery, fluffy, beautiful.

i got to sing alot already this week, and there's more coming.
including in my car and office tomorrow.
Christmas music of many varieties and for many reasons.

and, tomorrow's my last day of work before a long vacation.
full of family and friends.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

tonight, a summary

rehearsal for this weekends' services, conversations with friends while driving a short-ish drive, small group composed of Christmas goodies & the reading of Christmas stories (kids picture books, to be exact), laughter, friends, farkle, conversation with my dad


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's the little things, really.

Especially when they are huge to me.

Like when something that has taken a ridiculous amount of time to get to stage 1 (which, of course you were hoping was the final stage), and then when you spend almost as much time again to get to stage 2...and then find out it's finished! No more stages!! Amazing! (small, but huge, you see?)

And when something that should have been thought of and discussed eons ago, and is brought up today, 5 minutes before you have to leave, and the task is only very minimally placed on your shoulders... best. thing. ever. (tiny, but giant, yes? yes.)

Thanks for the little things today, God. I needed that.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today's official post

since the one posted earlier was yesterdays...

today was ... a day.
i'd rather not talk about it.
so i won't.

'cuz let's be honest, you don't want the verbal mess of it anyway.
and i'm trying to stay positive so i can face tomorrow.

plus, the study on Hebrews 11 & faith today are lurking in the back of my mind telling me to do that. have faith. and not give up, but keep moving forward.

(plus, God may just have thrown me a bonus...)

Old Movies of Joy

(ok, so I wrote this post and forgot to post it last night... so technically it's from December 12th, but hey, we knew I'd miss ONE, right?? ;) Moving on...)

tonight marked another wonderful evening at a friend's house (well, actually the house of her and her husband) watching yet another wonderf- well, another old movie, anyway.

Christmas in Connecticut - it was wonderful in that it brought together friends, made us laugh (1945 was apparently an interesting year...and full of inuendo...) at the characters, the story (how many times, when someone walked onto screen, we all went "uh-oh" in the most melodramatic way, i don't know. i should have counted), and the funny lines. don't worry, everything was "hunky-dunky" by the end of the night. ;)

oh, and it was topped off by many sweets - kettle corn, home-made Christmas cookies, home-made peanut brittle, chips & salsa... the list goes on.

perfect end for a crazy week, to be surrounded by friends. even if i did have to drive home in the freezing cold and wind. ;)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

sore...but good

so tired...worked a long day on my feet, but i love seeing the excited kids. and getting nto go to bed early tonight & at least trying to sleep til 9 tomorrow will help wiyth the energy bit. ;) kids say the funniest things...& were super excited for the sleigh rides & the chick-fil-a cow!

i have a feeling with all the snow forecasted tonight from the storm that has dumped 2-3 feet in minnesota...i may not want to go to church tomorrow morning...but i'll be glad once i'm there! plus, as long as its tolerable i have a couple goood things in the afternoon & evening.

i am tired but God is so good.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Rest & Joy

Found out today that one of the guys i'm praying for is doing better. respirator is out & he recognized his dad & could even give his (dad's) name. praise God!!! AND another friend prayed for the first time because she cares so much about this guy. God is at work!

also, i was given a few hours off this afternoon and properly squandered them was good to focus on nothing for a bit. then i headed over to a couple of friends' house to watch their kids & the kids of their friend as well. so adorable. the new little guy i met wanted to show me everything & have "miss kara" follow him everywhere. i received tons of hugs and love and had fun watching the four of them dancing to the christmas music from a light-up house, and pretend to play the guitar with it. hilarious. and joyful. i love kids. and these are some of my favorites.

thanks to God for rest healing and joy today.
and to you for reading.

(i'm so dedicated to you/this i wrote it out of my droid! ;) oh, the joys of portable technology...)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today was busy, filled with prayer (for many reasons), and long. But it ended well.

I had a very long, trying day. Many things not cooperating (machines, deliveries, etc.) but I had the help of some fabulous volunteers and encouragement and prayer from friends.

In the back of my mind were 2 guys who are struggling to recover from some serious accidents, which became 3 by the end of the day. Crazy times. Plus a friend who's mom is battling cancer.

Prayers going like crazy.
But God is good!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hot Chocolate Cures Many Ills

So far today I've had 2 large mugs of flavored (carmel & french vanilla) hot chocolate. I plan to consume cinnamon and mint (and maybe regular) later today.

It was another early morning (earlier than usual) and promises to be a late night (at work, that is). I am trying to keep a positive attitude, which I'm not succeeding at completely (see the last 2 posts), but I'm working on it, and God is keeping me better than I could be (thank You).

The hot chocolate is helping. A lot. So is the promise of a surprise package (whenever it comes - that's the surprise) from a friend of my brothers/favorite vlogger.

Oh, and the memories of Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D in all it's fabulousness (thanks to Samaritan's Purse) for free last night. Good movie. Will be seen in the theater again without a doubt.

It's almost halfway through Wednesday; I know I can make it, with God's strength in me, even if does still feel long. :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today is rough again. And it's only 11:00 in the morning.

Friends and co-workers dealing with crappy stuff, and an overall announcement which may end up being difficult for many people. We'll have to wait and see... Not so fun. Prayers continuing so much.

And at the same time, I'm excited because I get to see a fun movie tonight with a friend for free.

The juxtaposition is killing me.
All I've got is... woah.

God, be with me today. I need You.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I don't like this. Not one bit.

Today was rough.

A friend is losing someone she loves.
Another friend is dealing with a loved one in the hospital.
Another sweet co-worker is dealing with the impending loss of her mother and difficult siblings.

And work is crazy as usual.

Praying like crazy for all the above.

Get me outta here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I have another party to go to today. And I told them I'd help with something, so I'm sort of obligated to go... and I know I'll have a blast once I'm there - good friends, old & new, good food, games, songs (Christmas carols - so classic, so fun), etc.

But right now I just wish I could put on my pj's, hop under a heavy warm blanket and read Mansfield Park and Harry Potter the rest of the day. Perhaps with a cup of hot chocolate.

Well, relationships are important, and promises are made to be kept, not broken. Bring on the fun! ;)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chicago in Winter

Dec. 5th time edit: This was posted last night, barely, as you can see from the time stamp, but it didn't go through! Force published it - Goal of BEDID, not lost. ;)

With the snow that fell last night, and the lights in the city, I don't think it can be denied that Chicago is beautiful in the winter. And yes, I failed to take my camera out of my purse, so I have no pictures to prove it.

I was downtown tonight with friends at the Aqua building (gorgeous, I'll point it out for you sometime) to celebrate a good friend's 30th birthday. A few of us met up part way into the evening. The rest had gone to Christkindlmarkt in Daley Plaza, then journeyed to the Aqua building (where the birthday girl works) for homemade pizzas, appetizers, salad, wine, and soda. Mmm. It was rounded out by chocolate fondue for dessert, plus 2 birthday cakes (both delicious, so I hear, though I only had room for one tiny piece). Then we moved to the media room (think small theater) to watch Elf. Of course, the cakes, fondue, sodas, water, wine, and popcorn were available for consumption.

It was a lovely, fabulous evening, the ride there and back was filled with snowy land/cityscapes and Christmas lights on both residences and businesses alike.

Thanks to my friend for having a birthday, and for giving us a place to celebrate it!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friends, Christmas, & Movies

Last night a friend agreed to come over when I spontaneously asked her after she spontaneously called me from Walmart.

Then I found Santa Claus is Comin' to Town on ABC. (One of my favorite Christmas movies ever, even if it is "for kids").

She arrived in the middle of it, we finished it out, then popped in a chick flick filled with Amy Adams, and Michael Buble songs.

After she left, I sat in my lovely apartment, enjoying the Christmas decorations I have, reading my book, catching up on some YouTube subs.

All in all, a good way to (almost) end a week that has been trying in many ways. I don't doubt that there will be more trials to come, but the little things like these are what keep you going and get you through. All praise to Him Who knows what He's doing!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

hard times

today's a hard one. not sure if i'll be able to write more, including this evening, because i may end up working until i fall asleep. not my ideal, for sure.

thankfully, i have plans with a friend tomorrow night, so this won't be 2 days in a row... i hope.

wow, this is not a good post for BEDID #2... sorry, folks. it's all i've got today.
God will see me through. this i know.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


...beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
...also been almost a month since i've written. oops.

Well, today is the 1st of December, and I have a new plan. You perhaps have heard of NaBloPoMo? or NaNoWriMo? I tried NaNoWriMo. I terms of writing 50,000 words in a month's time. But I won in terms of starting my book. And getting into a groove with it, to where it'll be hard to let go of, even if it takes a long time to finish. I did not try NaBloPoMo.

So... How 'bout I try BEDID (Blog Every Day In December)? Even if it's only a sentence? I'll give it a go! You can count on much being said about Christmas, snow, winter in general, Christmas music, etc. (I love Christmas, in case you didn't remember!)

Today is the 1st of December. It is also the 1st snow (at all, and that is sticking a little) in my corner of the world (which isn't really a corner...). It is the 1st day with a high below 30. And, it is the 1st day I could crack open and eat one of those cheap little chocolates from my store-bought advent calendar.

Feels like a day for 1sts and for wins. ;)