Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kara Views: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I’m trying something new today. Why? Because these movies are super long and it was the first time I’d seen it and I really didn’t want to write out what was happening along with my reactions/thoughts and bunches of pictures. So you get a few, and lots of thoughts. In order.(Obviously, spoilers abound.)

148 thoughts I had watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  1. Didn’t expect the On Your Left jokes to start IMMEDIATELY. This means they won’t happen again for the whole flick and I thought it was a running gag… heh heh running gag…
  2. Sam Wilson: The Internet, so helpful. Hahahaha.
  3. Steve’s list is adorable.
  4. “I’m here to pick up a fossil” is the best line.
  5. Doesn’t ask the girl out cuz he knows she’ll say yes. Steve’s a good guy.
  6. No parachute. Steve’s also wicked cool.
  7. Ok… so he’s gonna take out everyone on the ship himself? I mean I guess he can’t get hurt very easily, so…
  8. Apparently Natasha is taking it on herself to get him a girl.
  9. She is also wicked cool.
  10. Who’s this guy? And how did Steve take out everyone else with like or 2 hits and now it takes an entire fight?
  11. And…. Steve looks like a puppy without his helmet.
  12. Epic music, as always. I love this stuff.
  13. “Agent Romanoff is comfortable with everything.” Awkward, Nick Fury. Awkward.
  14. What is all that stuff?? (SPoILErs for HUNGER GAMES) I feel like I did watching Hunger Games when Katniss discovers the weapons in 13.
  15. Name checking Stark. That’s nice.
  16. This time we’re way ahead of the curve.
  17. By holding a gun to everyone on earth and calling it protection.
  18. Cap definitely still wishes it was the 50s.
  19. Smithsonian, nice. Moment with the kid, nice.
  20. Aw, Bucky feels.
  21. AND Peggy feels?? NOT NICE, Marvel/Disney/filmmakers.
  22. PEGGY?!?! Ok, so does he go see her all the time? How did he find her? How long has this been going on? Aw, Peggy. OOOH she helped found SHEILD. Ok, nice to know. mmmm. MEAN she’s slipping…. SADNESS. Do Not Like.
  23. I’m so confused. Nick locked some file and he doesn’t know it? And he can’t get into it?? What?
  24. Hahahah ultimate fighting as an alternative for Cap is the best suggestion ever. Hilarious. Hhhahahhahahahahahahaha
  25. Nick’s car sounds weirdly like Jarvis. Ooh!
  26. WOAH why what the crap?? Nick being attacked is NOT THE BEST

  27. Must be nice to have a car that can drive itself to save you.
  28. “Well what’s not damaged?” Air conditioning fully operational. (Gee, thanks.)
  29. Ok well let’s just say now I understand how Fury got to be a director. He’s fantastic, fairly fearless, and very good at what he does.
  31. That’s “The Winter Soldier” right? It has to be. Yep. Dang. (Also, yes, I know it’s Bucky, who else could it be? Bucky feels followed super soon by face-obscured guy on the side of evil? Has to be Bucky. Stupid. I hate it.)
  32. Cap. Aw. Cute girl. Nat’s neighbor suggestion…
  33. He definitely didn’t leave his stereo on….
  34. Oh, phew, ok it’s Fury.
  35. Shield’s been compromised? Of course. Because this movie needs more stress.
  36. Ok I did not see that explosion coming. Fury doesn’t die, right? I can’t remember. I’ve seen the next 2 movies (Guardians and Avengers: Ultron, but can’t remember Fury in them?!? So I can’t recall if he’s alive?)
  37. SHE’s AN AGENT??? And we’re supposed to trust ANYONE but sure let’s leave dying Fury with this “Agent” chick you JUST found out about to chase the shooter (Winter Solider/Bucky) in STREET CLOTHES? Good idea, Steve. Oh wait, NO.
  38. Where’d his shield come from??
  39. Natasha has feelings. Woah.
  40. This shooter is fast and strong. Had a metal arm. Hmmm, I bet I know who that is…

  41. Agent Hill! Aw, sorry for the circumstances, but it’s nice to see you, Robin! (She’ll always be Robin to me.)
  42. Ok he died. BOO. So, like Coulson, then?
  43. And what in the wORLD is on that jump drive??
  44. Yes, he is, Natasha. Steve cannot tell a lie. That’s why we love him.
  45. Ok he put the thing in the vending machine….somehow I don’t think that’s safe?
  46. Nick bugged Steve’s apartment. Of course. I feel like I should see this stuff coming. Nick is now suspected (or not?) of piracy? Of selling secrets?
  47. OK is THIS GUY the sneak? The Council guy? (Pierce, yes, that’s his name.) Ok well he seems to be serious about finding out who murdered his friend (Nick) so…. But I don’t trust him…
  48. This agent/soldier guy in the elevator. I don’t like him, I don’t trust him. The one who brought him back to headquarters. No trust here. Ew. RIGHLY SO. He’s grabbing his gun…. I’m getting nervous. We stop at every floor and more get on. SO MANY PEOPLE. NOOOO I DON’T LIKE IT. They’re gonna hurt him.
  50. I KNEW IT.
  51. Good thing Steve is so fantastic.
  52. This guy (glasses man) watching on the screen. Is he bad? Soldier man says it’s not personal. Not personal? How is that even possible?
  53. “It kinda feels personal.” (Good answer Cap.)
  54. And now everyone’s attacking Cap? WhAT??
  55. RUN CAP RUN.
  56. Is literally ALL of SHEILD is corrupt? Except maybe Coulson’s group and the Avengers?? What in the world. No. Stop.
  57. Neighbor girl is there. That guy with the glasses who’s telling everyone to hunt Steve was saved on the pirate ship. Grr.
  58. I KNEW IT! He’s a bad guy! The Councilman Pierce is a bad guy! I HATE THIS MOVIE.
  59. Steve is at the hospital. How does he look good even with a hoodie pulled over his head?
  60. Natasha has the jump drive. It’s “safe” oh good. She knows about the Winter Soldier because he shot her. Great. 50 years… does she suspect someone Steve knows?
  61. Ok Natasha and Steve is becoming my favorite pair ever.
  62. “If I run in these shoes they’ll fall off” hahahaha
  63. “The person who developed this is slightly smarter than me. Slightly.” Yeah ok we get it Natasha. Calm down.

  64. The Apple Guy is my favorite. “If you guys need anything, I’ve been Aaron.”
  65. In a mall. Haha… the kiss is adorable even if it was just saving them from being seen.
  66. Steve: “I’m 95. I’m not dead.” (Hahaha)
  67. Natasha: “The file came from these coordinates.”
    Cap: “So did I.” (Like I wasn’t nervous enough before…)
  68. Oh my word it’s the beginning of Shield. It looks like an empty Agent Carter set.
  69. Nat: “Who’s the girl?” (It’s Peggy, Nat. Don’t ask stupid questions. How does she not know about her?)
  70. “If you’re already working in a secret office… why do you need to hide the elevator?” GOOD Question STEVE.
  71. So I don’t want to watch this anymore. It’s too stressful….
  72. OLD tech….But everything started up when she put the drive into the one piece of hardware that looks newer….?
  73. “Shall we play a game?” Nat smirks. Steve looks as nervous as I feel. (Also, should I get that reference?? Apparently I’m as old as Cap.)
  74. Ooh Toby Jones!
  75. Ooh, he’s terrifying. Forgot about that.
  76. Great. Hydra INSIDE SHIELD.
  77. Hydra killed Stark (Howard)? And obviously Fury too. Now Pierce and Project Insight and Hydra are taking over. Great.
  78. Was Nat screaming?
  79. Oh good job with the shield Cap. Thank you for not being dead and for saving (?) Nat. She better not be dead.
  80. Holy crap. Hide!
  81. Is that agent/soldier guy the head of like ALL Hydra missions now?
  82. “Call in the Asset.” Gee, I wonder who that could be.

  83. Now that I’ve been watching this move for like FOUR THOUSAND HOURS Bucky is finally gonna actually show up…. For more than four seconds in profile and quick shots.
  84. Who’s in Pierces’ house? PLEASE TELL ME IT’S Fury and he’s gonna kill … nope, can’t be Nick, Pierce is being friendly.
  85. AH. Bucky. Of course. He doesn't talk?
  86. Poor Renata. :( I hate Pierce.
  87. Steve: “We need a place to lay low.”
    Nat: “otherwise known as everyone we know is trying to kill us.”
  88. Poor Nat. Trading the KGB for Hydra, yeah that’s not really a good thing.
  89. Cap trusts Natasha. Yay. He’s always honest. I definitely like him more and more even if this movie is too stressful.
  90. He died? When? The ice thing? I mean, yes, sleeping for 70 years isn’t really living, but was he actually dead? Cuz of the superhuman thing? Or in hypersleep like the Star Trek baddie?
  91. Sam: “I made breakfast. If you guys eat that sorta thing.” (hhahaa)
  92. Who’s Jasper Sitwell?
  93. Sam, he’s…someone. He’s um… FALcoN YeS That’s IT! Maybe he can help now.
  94. Oh, Jasper Sitwell’s the glasses guy from the Pirate ship, the one who launched the man hunt for Steve, is Hydra, and reports to Pierce.
  95. And Nat’s still setting Steve up with every eligible girl.
  96. Name Check: STEVEN STRANGE!?!?!? (Did I hear that right? Nice and early, guys.)
  97. Who’s ZOLA?? (oh right, Toby Jones, computer man.)
  98. Finally: BUCKY. I mean…. Finally: THE WINTER SOLDIER.
  99. Such a saunter. What swagger you have, Bucky.
  100. Cap is a beast. And fearless. And impressive.

  102. Bucky could be if he wasn’t evil. Poor Bucky. Poor CAP…
  103. YEAH NAT. Something wrong with your arm Bucky? Oh no! Nat! NO!!
  105. Hand to hand with cap and Bucky. Bucky is definitely a machine. In more ways than one apparently.
  106. The mask is gone; Steve sees Bucky’s face. “Bucky?” MY HEART.
  107. “Who the hell is Bucky?” is the worst sentence ever uttered.
  108. Hydra is all here. Great.
  109. Steve’s face. So much emotion.
  110. Steve: “Even when I had nothing I had Bucky.” (*SOB*)
  111. “This thing was squeezing my brain.” Oh Robin Agent Hill, you’re so funny.
  112. YEAH FURY
  113. About stinkin’ time. Nice way to say hello.
  114. Bucky’s memory… poor Bucky. And he’s kept in a cage. You guys are great.
  115. Yeah hit the guy who can squeeze you to death right now. Smart. He’s brainwashed. And lied to. Lovely. I understand now why there’s a Bucky fandom.
  116. Haha, nice try liars. Freedom is exactly what Hydra doesn’t want.
  117. Wipe him and start over? Not cool. And he just goes with it. Oh man. How do they all live with themselves? How do they sleep at night?
  118. Falcon: “Don’t look at me. I do what he [Steve] does, just slower.” (Haha.)
  119. Pierce is gonna kill all the council people. I have a feeling. That’s the attempt at least.
  121. Pierce is gonna kill the council people. I TOLD YOU.
  122. Strike and Insight crew are hydra. Don’t know who else.

  123. YEAH councilwoman who can fight. Fantastic. OOhh, its Nat! NICE.
  124. “Detour” is a nice way to say you’re being chased by bombs and planes shooting at you. Oh, Falcon.
  125. I was wondering when Bucky would show up again. For a movie named after him, he hasn’t been in it much.
  126. That’s one heck of a return, Fury. Nicely done.
  127. From that jump, I think it’s safe to say Cap trusts Sam.
  129. Hydra head soldier: “There are no prisoners through Hydra only order. And order only comes through pain. You ready for yours?”
    Falcon: “Man, shut up.”
    (YES. Thank you.)
  131. He’s so brave, so selfless.
    Cap: “Do it. Do it now!”
    Hill: “But Steve…”
    Cap: “Do it!”
  132. Back to Pierce. UGH.
  133. Good job Nat. Please don’t be dead. Ok thanks.
  134. All those Hydra people are legit CRAZY.
  135. And Steve, who was shot so he’s gonna die BY BUCKY is trying to save Bucky. Of course. Cuz he’s that good.
  136. Nice catch-on Sam. Now go get Steve.
  138. James Buchanan Barnes :(((((
  139. Drop your shield. Good idea NOT REALLY
  140. “I’m with ya to the end of the line.” Yeah. You know him. (*MORE SOB*)
  141. THEY HAD BETTER CATCH CAP. NO, of course, back to the water. Just like the first time he died.
  142. Somebody save him. And save Bucky dang it.
  143. Not liking this movie right now even though yes, I know Cap’s ok in the end.
  144. Oh Bucky saved him by dragging him out of the water. And then leaving.
  145. Where ya going Buck?
  146. Steve wakes up in the hospital. I think Sam’s his new bestie.
  147. Sam: “On your left.” Nice.
  148. Bucky’s file. Aw, I love that Sam’s going with Steve. Good. Glad he won’t be alone as he “goes after” Bucky.

Bonus: 3 thoughts I had watching the Credits scene:
  1. LOKI’s Staff….. ???
  2. I thought Loki got that back?
  3. Those poor twins. They’re gonna be brainwashed like Bucky. Well not exactly like, but you know. Not good.

Extra bonus: 3 thoughts I had watching the After credits scene:
  1. Jerks.
  2. So many Bucky feels….now with Bucky! (*SOB*)
  3. Nice beard. Looks good on ya.