Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i am

i’m a giver without a receiver
a lover without a match
a helper without an outlet

i'm a mom without any kids
a wife without a husband
a housekeeper without a house

i am lost


i'm a sinner who is saved
a child who is found
a daughter of the King

i'm a weak one who’s been given strength
a poor one who’s been given hope
a lonely one, but in His embrace

i am found

my first thoughts are true
but ultimately less important
my God is bigger

i am saved
i am bought
i am owned

i am uniquely created
i am particularly chosen
i am specifically wanted

i am loved

Monday, June 6, 2011


the stress.

it has arrived.

and i'm having trouble coping.

lucky for me, i got a few hugs yesterday, and that always helps.

but when i'm here, trying to think about too many too-difficult things at once, it rains down.

and i feel lost.

(sorry to dump today... maybe i'll be more upbeat later.)