Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Still (a poem)

When the sun shines bright and all's aglow
     still - you are there.
When the leaves are stale and fallen low
     still - you are there.
When the winds howl long and strong and sweep
     still - you are there.
When the rain falls hard and fast and deep
     still - you are there.

You're there despite weather
          come rain, shine, wind, sleet;
You're there when I'm joyful
          or when I can't sleep.

I'm thankful for sunshine, for rain and for snow
But above all things else I'm grateful to know
that regardless of weather - within or without -
     still - you are there

     with me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Today (a poem)

Today I feel like failure,
         full of anxiety, distracted;
                       ugly; lost;

Today I'd like to disappear,
                     and not come back again.

I don't know where this comes from;
How is this where I arrive?

But I take the next step
                         so far
                       but let's be honest -
                    what else is there to do?

So now I distract myself in the evenings,
         try to dream sweet dreams at night

And hope that in the morning
          I'll begin to feel alright.

It happens much too often -
               far more often than I'll say.
And if I could get rid of
   it for even just one day
I'd be a whole new person
                       motivated, faithful, true
      not distracted or afraid
   or separated from you.