Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Living Legacy

What does a living legacy look like?
     It looks like a son following the steps off his faithful father.
     It looks like a pastor shepherding his flock.
     It looks like a teacher who's heart is on fire only for God.
     It looks like a mentor who leads others around him - his family, his
          friends, his mission from God.
     It looks like a man who is faithful, redeemed -
     Who has strength that's not his, and it brings him to his knees.

A son and a brother, a husband, a father,
     an uncle, a grandpa and great-grandfather too.
A man who doesn't quit leading just because his job
     is "done,"
Who tells jokes and shares ice cream,
Who prays daily for you.

But this legacy isn't over.
It continues, even thrives.
There are many of us who call him family by blood,
And so many more in the family of God.

We are his legacy.
We remain, by God's grace, to carry it on.

So go forth, loved ones, and keep shining the Light.