Friday, March 27, 2009


Why are they so much a part of everyday culture?

Through every genre, they have impact. They bring huge income for many people, and not just those in front of the camera. I will admit, some are smaller, bringing in less, and are made more for making a statment in itself than making money. However, even those that have more of a focus on how many people will see it make statements in one form or another.

I love movies. I own several, and have friends and relatives that own so many my collection seems tiny. But sometimes when my "big plan" for the night is to go home and watch a movie, I wonder why that's all I want to do with my time. Generally speaking, it is a movie I've seen before, whether a few times or lots. These are the times when I have my "sometimes" thoughts.

I wonder why I want to spend my time watching something that is merely entertaining. Yes, as I said above, there is a message of sorts in every movie, but sometimes it's just some sort of comentary on college kids, or society, or boys and girls. And, if you've seen it once, there's nothing left in it but the entertainment.

I could get more out of my relaxing if I read a book. Yes, it may not teach me anything new, but it keeps my mind working and keeps reminding me of words I don't commonly use (depending on the book, of course). Or if I crochet or knit, I'm creating something that has value or purpose to it, and is usually a gift of some sort.

I have no conclusion. Movies are fun. This much is true. They can be educational in one sense or other, though many are more wasteful of time than anything else. Anyone who has known me even for a little while knows how picky I am about what I will watch, but even so, I wonder if I should be watching any. I really don't like that thought, because I really do love watching them. Plus, when I get to that mindset, it makes me start to wonder about tv too, and there are a handful of shows I'd rather not miss.

Hm. well, I guess the wondering will just have to go on.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Print Please!

Why has no one designed a printer to fit in a normal office that can bleed color to the edge of the page so we (the layman types) don't have to cut off all the white edges every time we print something?

I know that these printers exsist; I also know that they are about as large as my office, and that there are printing companies that have them, and that this is how they make their living. The problem is, for me to have "them" print these things for me (and thusly, cut them) it costs so much more than it would if I could just print this stuff in house. The other problem is, if we have the machine they do, we don't print enough to make up for the cost of these huge things.

Which is why I ask this question. Is there no way to make these machines work unless they are that large and expensive? Has anyone tried to figure that out? Don't get me wrong, the printers we have here are really great, and the "heavy duty cutter" we have is fabulous (you try cutting 75 -100 sheets of cardstock on a regular paper cutter and let me know how it goes, and how long you spend doing it - on this bad boy it takes me about 5 minutes or less - one cut goes through them all together). However, to be able to cut it in half or in fourths, and not have to trim the edges would make my life SO much easier, and eliminate so much time! Especially with all the things we have going out and around...

So I was just wondering about it. I think it would be great.
Of course, its just my opinion. But it would be helpful to many, I'm sure.

Anyone feeling motivated to be creative and engineer this for me?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


No, not the temperature... at least not today. Today it is a balmy 73 degrees, and I am loving it. I am typically a winter girl, but by about mid-late February, I'm ready for spring. I know (having grown up in the midwest) that it is still a long time comin', but I'm ready for it. Ah, blue skies..."smiling at me"... Huge smiles.

The original reason for this was to discuss the annoyances I feel towards colds ... the kind that give you a stuffy or runny (or both) nose, sore throat, loss of voice, headache, other aches, etc. It's not so fun. And lately, these colds seem to hold on FOREVER. They just can't let go. No matter what medication I take, or what doctor I see, these colds (within the past year it seems) have gotten relentless. They take weeks to get out of someone's system.

However, through the randomness of emails recieved during the typing of this post, and the searching for a couple things during the process, I have decided that this negativity should really end here. Because I may have a cold, and it may be colder tomorrow (and the rest of the week), but life goes on, and, thanks to the Lord, it is good.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I know I've said this but...

I really don't understand how people live without music. or books. and not just one or the other, but both. I have a brother who enjoys both, but would really rather be reading or writing most of the time. I took car trip with him, and he wanted to listen to audiobooks.

I have nothing against audiobooks, I'd just rather read the books myself. Reading itself is so important to me. I can't seem to remember everything if I 'hear' the book. However, if I read it (ask ANYONE in my family) I can remember so many details, you'll be telling me to "cut to the chase" and skip the boring stuff. I can't get enough. I go home thinking "I get to READ tonight!" (Yes, I have embraced the nerdiness of that statement.)

Music is essential too. I can hear most instruments' parts in an orchestral piece. Not the first time, mind you, but even on the second I could hum some of the harmony with the cd for you. And when there are voices, that step may even occur by the end (and sometimes the middle) of the song. Pretty much any type, too. It makes me smile, comforts me, makes me want to dance. So great.Mm. I love it so much.

I suppose what got me thinking about this is that I'm getting another piano today. The previous one didn't work out, and a very wonderful friend found another (free again!) one for me to have... so now it's just a question of any hidden problems like last time (which I doubt), and, of course, getting it to my house...

Needless to say, the day when I can head home thinking "I get to read AND play the piano tonight!" is not far away. And that makes me a very happy girl.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ever Feel Frustrated?

I'm pretty sure it's a common human dilemma. We get frustrated with people, with cirucumstances, with ourselves... it never seems to end. There's always something that could frustrate you just around the corner. The problem is when you let those frustrations run your life. When you let the fear of the next frustration keep you from the excellence you could acheive. Or you are so frustrated you lose sight of your priorities. You get upset or angry with those around you, even some who are not part of the "problem."

These are not good things (obviously). This spirals you into a very bad cycle of frustration, anger, "oh well" attitude, and back to frustration. We need to remember the promises God gave us in the verses I shared in my last post, and cling tightly to what He says He'll do. Because He will. He won't frustrate you. Often times, when I'm feeling frustrated, if I step back and take a time out to look outside myself, I can see that it is Satan trying to sabotage whatever God is using me for in that situation. This is not God frustrating me or not answering, it is Satan digging in me to try to mess things up. I cannot let that happen - but neither can I stop it. I am not strong enough.

Thank God that He is. That is the prayer that must always be on my heart and mind, must always be in the forefront of my soul. That God would use me, keep me with the right attitude, and keep Satan away from my heart and mind. Only then can He use me as well as He'd like. Without me in the way.

Monday, March 2, 2009

we do not lose heart

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress. I will never be shaken."

"My help comes from the Lord... He will not let your foot slip -- He who watches over you will not slumber..."

"And He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness'... I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me...for when I am weak, then I am strong."