Friday, March 6, 2009

I know I've said this but...

I really don't understand how people live without music. or books. and not just one or the other, but both. I have a brother who enjoys both, but would really rather be reading or writing most of the time. I took car trip with him, and he wanted to listen to audiobooks.

I have nothing against audiobooks, I'd just rather read the books myself. Reading itself is so important to me. I can't seem to remember everything if I 'hear' the book. However, if I read it (ask ANYONE in my family) I can remember so many details, you'll be telling me to "cut to the chase" and skip the boring stuff. I can't get enough. I go home thinking "I get to READ tonight!" (Yes, I have embraced the nerdiness of that statement.)

Music is essential too. I can hear most instruments' parts in an orchestral piece. Not the first time, mind you, but even on the second I could hum some of the harmony with the cd for you. And when there are voices, that step may even occur by the end (and sometimes the middle) of the song. Pretty much any type, too. It makes me smile, comforts me, makes me want to dance. So great.Mm. I love it so much.

I suppose what got me thinking about this is that I'm getting another piano today. The previous one didn't work out, and a very wonderful friend found another (free again!) one for me to have... so now it's just a question of any hidden problems like last time (which I doubt), and, of course, getting it to my house...

Needless to say, the day when I can head home thinking "I get to read AND play the piano tonight!" is not far away. And that makes me a very happy girl.

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