Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ever Feel Frustrated?

I'm pretty sure it's a common human dilemma. We get frustrated with people, with cirucumstances, with ourselves... it never seems to end. There's always something that could frustrate you just around the corner. The problem is when you let those frustrations run your life. When you let the fear of the next frustration keep you from the excellence you could acheive. Or you are so frustrated you lose sight of your priorities. You get upset or angry with those around you, even some who are not part of the "problem."

These are not good things (obviously). This spirals you into a very bad cycle of frustration, anger, "oh well" attitude, and back to frustration. We need to remember the promises God gave us in the verses I shared in my last post, and cling tightly to what He says He'll do. Because He will. He won't frustrate you. Often times, when I'm feeling frustrated, if I step back and take a time out to look outside myself, I can see that it is Satan trying to sabotage whatever God is using me for in that situation. This is not God frustrating me or not answering, it is Satan digging in me to try to mess things up. I cannot let that happen - but neither can I stop it. I am not strong enough.

Thank God that He is. That is the prayer that must always be on my heart and mind, must always be in the forefront of my soul. That God would use me, keep me with the right attitude, and keep Satan away from my heart and mind. Only then can He use me as well as He'd like. Without me in the way.

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