Thursday, March 19, 2009

Print Please!

Why has no one designed a printer to fit in a normal office that can bleed color to the edge of the page so we (the layman types) don't have to cut off all the white edges every time we print something?

I know that these printers exsist; I also know that they are about as large as my office, and that there are printing companies that have them, and that this is how they make their living. The problem is, for me to have "them" print these things for me (and thusly, cut them) it costs so much more than it would if I could just print this stuff in house. The other problem is, if we have the machine they do, we don't print enough to make up for the cost of these huge things.

Which is why I ask this question. Is there no way to make these machines work unless they are that large and expensive? Has anyone tried to figure that out? Don't get me wrong, the printers we have here are really great, and the "heavy duty cutter" we have is fabulous (you try cutting 75 -100 sheets of cardstock on a regular paper cutter and let me know how it goes, and how long you spend doing it - on this bad boy it takes me about 5 minutes or less - one cut goes through them all together). However, to be able to cut it in half or in fourths, and not have to trim the edges would make my life SO much easier, and eliminate so much time! Especially with all the things we have going out and around...

So I was just wondering about it. I think it would be great.
Of course, its just my opinion. But it would be helpful to many, I'm sure.

Anyone feeling motivated to be creative and engineer this for me?

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