Friday, March 27, 2009


Why are they so much a part of everyday culture?

Through every genre, they have impact. They bring huge income for many people, and not just those in front of the camera. I will admit, some are smaller, bringing in less, and are made more for making a statment in itself than making money. However, even those that have more of a focus on how many people will see it make statements in one form or another.

I love movies. I own several, and have friends and relatives that own so many my collection seems tiny. But sometimes when my "big plan" for the night is to go home and watch a movie, I wonder why that's all I want to do with my time. Generally speaking, it is a movie I've seen before, whether a few times or lots. These are the times when I have my "sometimes" thoughts.

I wonder why I want to spend my time watching something that is merely entertaining. Yes, as I said above, there is a message of sorts in every movie, but sometimes it's just some sort of comentary on college kids, or society, or boys and girls. And, if you've seen it once, there's nothing left in it but the entertainment.

I could get more out of my relaxing if I read a book. Yes, it may not teach me anything new, but it keeps my mind working and keeps reminding me of words I don't commonly use (depending on the book, of course). Or if I crochet or knit, I'm creating something that has value or purpose to it, and is usually a gift of some sort.

I have no conclusion. Movies are fun. This much is true. They can be educational in one sense or other, though many are more wasteful of time than anything else. Anyone who has known me even for a little while knows how picky I am about what I will watch, but even so, I wonder if I should be watching any. I really don't like that thought, because I really do love watching them. Plus, when I get to that mindset, it makes me start to wonder about tv too, and there are a handful of shows I'd rather not miss.

Hm. well, I guess the wondering will just have to go on.

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