Monday, February 3, 2014


Just be thankful.
an exercise in thankfulness.

1. I have been saved by grace.
2. I have been loved first by God, and chosen as His own.
3. I have been loved as unconditionally as humanly possible by my parents.
4. I have 2 brothers who love me.
5. I have a sister who loves me. 
6. I have a niece and 3 nephews who I adore. 
7. I have best friends who love me.
8. I have several other "inner circle" friends who love me.
9. I have grandparents who love me and pray for me daily.
10. My close friends and family challenge me when necessary.
11. These people comfort and encourage me when necessary.
12. I have so many prayer warriors that I really cannot fathom being so lucky.
13. I have a job which I was clearly directed to by God.
14. I have a home, and a great roommate.
15. I have many material blessings - both necessities and non-necessities.
16. I can escape into many amazing worlds through reading and writing.
17. I can use my talents and my gifts for God's glory, and try to do so often.
18. I am capable of learning new information and skills.
19. I am able to give back to the Lord because He has given so much to me.
20. God provides for me every day, even when I don't realize it or recognize it.
21. God chose me, so I can be part of his Kingdom.
22. God loves me, so I can be His vessel to love others as well.
23. God gifted me, so I can be His instrument here on earth.
24. God created me, and He doesn't make mistakes.
25. God allows me to experience suffering, because I learn to trust Him more, and am a witness for His strength and goodness through my experiences.
26. God gives me time of renewal so I don't give up.
27. God is the reason I exist. Glorifying Him is the purpose of my life.
28. God is good.
29. God is just.
30. God is patient.
31. God is faithful.