Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Its Beginning...

Thanksgiving time is here.

A couple friends have already posted stuff about what they're thankful for this year, and I wasn't planning on writing anything like that just yet. Actually, I wasn't planning on writing anything like that at all.

But after a conversation with a dear, dear friend tonight, I realized how thankful I am for her. She is always praying for me, always willing to listen, always sharing her heart with me. No matter how busy we are, we always find time to "spend" with each other - despite living over an hour away. We talk almost every day, and when that doesn't happen -even for a day or two- it feels like an eternity. The beginning of the conversation after a lapse usually begins with one of us saying "oh, good, you are alive!"

Thanks for being you, and for your constant friendship and love.
You really do rock.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Did You Know...

there is a Muppet Frog Prince Movie?

Well, there is. I remember it. And I love it. And no one else could remember it or believe that it exists.
But it does.

Look What I Found Today!!! (thanks to the joys of internet at home and time to search and be a nerd...)

Proof of Jim Henson's The Frog Prince. *sigh* I love this movie.
-- and I'm loving the ability to post a 2nd (!) post in the same day at HOME - it feels pretty great!

I found it where I can watch it on YouTube. Can you remember this song? "Nime ine-teen, nime ine-teen, by mirthdays do-tay" .... :D Apparently it was made for tv in 1971, but as you can see from the left bottom corner, they played it on the Disney channel at some point when i was a child- or something...I remember that particular Disney logo being more recent (yes, yes, I watch too much Disney for someone my age), so maybe I was in jr high or something. But still. It exists. Yay!

Here's the proof. (Yes, it's the entire fabulous movie - and only about 50 minutes long):

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

and, I'm pretty sure this movie is why I love Sweetums so much. :) *sigh*

I feel so spoiled

which is kinda dumb, but I do.

I got cable and internet this weekend and I am writing my FIRST blog post from home! Others have been written on lunch breaks, or just after work. I am so glad to be doing this in the comfort of my living room. :)

I haven't even found anything good to watch yet-- except the end of the Vikings/Seahawks game. And the end of Pirates (1), and part of Kingdom of Heaven, I suppose. But the best thing so far was the football game. Definitely. And it was just because I got to have it on at my house and it was very ... "home-feeling" ... if that makes sense. It just feels right to have football on on a Sunday afternoon in this season. I even got to have a conversation with my dad about it, while it was on. *sigh* good times.

Thanks for indulging me on this one.
Now I'm off to decorate my house for... yep you guessed it: Christmas. ;)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Movie Quotes Challenge!

Last night while I was home finishing something crafty that should have been done about 2 months ago, I was watching Christmas movies. On VHS. Well, I guess there was one on dvd too. And in there somewhere was a non-Christmas movie, but it does have lots of snow in it, so it went along with the rest just fine.

While I was thoroughly enjoying my favorite lines, I realized I don't know how many other people would be able to quote them with me... and thus the idea for this challenge was born. More than one quote per movie most of the time, but not necessarily right in a row! Oh, and the only movie that is not technically a kids movie, is the non-Christmas one... ;)

There are 16 questions. Tell me what movie the quote is from,
and if you know- what character said it.
(I did give you hints on which were from songs...aren't I nice?)

Aaaand, Go!

1. That's the girl for me!

2. Chawlie, are ya hoit? (accented)

3. Eat, Papa. Eat!

4. Thank you for making me a part of this.

5. It's the Minuet for clarinet for me!

6. Not hurt. Didn't even break his concentration.

7. Yes? Who's there? There's who? OOOh! A baby!

8. Not happy in my work, I guess...

9. We ain't never hardly ever seen one.

10. Heat wave! () This is my island in the sun. Hoo! Hoo!

11. I reformed this bumble! He wants a job! Looky what he can do!

12. Didn't I ever tell you about bumbles? Bumbles bounce!

13. Ears, Nestor.

14. Either they are going or I am going. And I am certainly not going!

15. We evil magicians have to make a living too.

16. Is it too early for breakfast? (Yes) Oh good. Suppertime.

Oh how I love Christmas. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God Knows Best

I logged on today to complain.
I'm having a tough day so far, after a tough afternoon yesterday, and I am quickly feeling like I will reach my limit long before today is over.

Oh, and I'm supposed to pray and be sincere tonight.

When I logged onto my dashboard, I saw that Leash had written a new blog post (a few days ago), and went to read it before I jumped into my post.

God knew I was coming.
He gave me this, through my friend.
Thanks, Leash, for being who you are and for writing honestly and sharing what God gave you in His Word.

I reiterate her thoughts here: "I know all I can do is continue to work hard myself, try to help people in the best way I can, and ultimately pray."
And the verse she shared, I now want to share with you: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Friday, November 6, 2009


In case you missed my last post - short though it was - this post is my elaboration. Because I can. ;)

I am very excited about this part of the season. And I do mean Christmas, and yes, I know Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. Move on. I love Christmas.

Yesterday evening I pulled out all my Christmas stuff from my storage space. I am planning on hanging my lights on my patio this weekend. And possibly, if there are enough, in a window or two as well. I am making the excuse that it will be fairly warm this weekend, and what a better reason to hang them up now instead of when it's really freezing? That doesn't mean I will turn them on, just put them up.

Oh, who am I kidding? I will most likely not make it to Monday before I set the timer and turn them on. The joy knows no bounds. Man, I love Christmas.

Plus, everything else is pulled out - the tree (in a box), its decorations, lights, and the other knick-knacks that will go around my house. I plan to leave them in their corner...until next Saturday. 'Cuz then weekends get crazy and nights I will be too exhausted, and I want them up when I come home from Thanksgiving. So there. (Pouting child? Who let this girl write a blog today? Sheesh.)

Yay. I love Christmas. I am listening to Christmas music on my computer at work today. (I am in the office alone, and am up in my corner of this huge building, so I am bothering no one and am making myself very happy.) Fabulous.

So, tonight I will clean. This Saturday, I will be outside moving plants and putting up lights as quickly as I can. Next Saturday, I will be decorating the place with the rest of the Christmas stuff. And after that, anyone who comes to my house better be ready for it - and no jumping on me for having it all up and out already. I love Christmas and if you are friends with me, this is the cost. You have to just get used to it. Most of you have already, but this is fair warning - it is around the corner, quite literally.

If you've begun counting, I've said "I love Christmas" 4 times already in this post. Actually, make that 5. Onward with the joy.

I can't wait until the decorating dates I have with myself. And then comes family fun at Thanksgiving, and then December, which is the month of Christmas! More family, friends, and joy just because of the time of year and what it means on so many levels for me. Here comes 6: I love Christmas!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's official-

-ly November.

Can I start decorating for Christmas now?