Sunday, November 22, 2009

Did You Know...

there is a Muppet Frog Prince Movie?

Well, there is. I remember it. And I love it. And no one else could remember it or believe that it exists.
But it does.

Look What I Found Today!!! (thanks to the joys of internet at home and time to search and be a nerd...)

Proof of Jim Henson's The Frog Prince. *sigh* I love this movie.
-- and I'm loving the ability to post a 2nd (!) post in the same day at HOME - it feels pretty great!

I found it where I can watch it on YouTube. Can you remember this song? "Nime ine-teen, nime ine-teen, by mirthdays do-tay" .... :D Apparently it was made for tv in 1971, but as you can see from the left bottom corner, they played it on the Disney channel at some point when i was a child- or something...I remember that particular Disney logo being more recent (yes, yes, I watch too much Disney for someone my age), so maybe I was in jr high or something. But still. It exists. Yay!

Here's the proof. (Yes, it's the entire fabulous movie - and only about 50 minutes long):

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

and, I'm pretty sure this movie is why I love Sweetums so much. :) *sigh*


  1. i remember it. and i hate it. all 6 times i saw it I was infuriated with the brutal quality of acting from all the humans in the movie.

    but yes, that is also why I love Sweetums because his scene was the best part. :)


  2. and after watching a couple minutes of these clips here... I also hate how obvious what the girl is saying is... yet no one figures it out! i know it's a kid movie but come on.

    i also hate how ugly the wicked whatever she is purple thing is. like the long-lost ugly step-sister of Grimace from McDonalds.

  3. hahaaha!
    that cracked me up!

    yes, yes, it is a kid movie. i mostly just love it cuz of Sweetums, and i believe it's the first time i saw robin. and i liked it even though it was dumb. which, admittedly it was.

    and i completely agree about the obviousness and the sister-of-Grimace comments. but still. it made me smile. ;)