Friday, November 6, 2009


In case you missed my last post - short though it was - this post is my elaboration. Because I can. ;)

I am very excited about this part of the season. And I do mean Christmas, and yes, I know Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. Move on. I love Christmas.

Yesterday evening I pulled out all my Christmas stuff from my storage space. I am planning on hanging my lights on my patio this weekend. And possibly, if there are enough, in a window or two as well. I am making the excuse that it will be fairly warm this weekend, and what a better reason to hang them up now instead of when it's really freezing? That doesn't mean I will turn them on, just put them up.

Oh, who am I kidding? I will most likely not make it to Monday before I set the timer and turn them on. The joy knows no bounds. Man, I love Christmas.

Plus, everything else is pulled out - the tree (in a box), its decorations, lights, and the other knick-knacks that will go around my house. I plan to leave them in their corner...until next Saturday. 'Cuz then weekends get crazy and nights I will be too exhausted, and I want them up when I come home from Thanksgiving. So there. (Pouting child? Who let this girl write a blog today? Sheesh.)

Yay. I love Christmas. I am listening to Christmas music on my computer at work today. (I am in the office alone, and am up in my corner of this huge building, so I am bothering no one and am making myself very happy.) Fabulous.

So, tonight I will clean. This Saturday, I will be outside moving plants and putting up lights as quickly as I can. Next Saturday, I will be decorating the place with the rest of the Christmas stuff. And after that, anyone who comes to my house better be ready for it - and no jumping on me for having it all up and out already. I love Christmas and if you are friends with me, this is the cost. You have to just get used to it. Most of you have already, but this is fair warning - it is around the corner, quite literally.

If you've begun counting, I've said "I love Christmas" 4 times already in this post. Actually, make that 5. Onward with the joy.

I can't wait until the decorating dates I have with myself. And then comes family fun at Thanksgiving, and then December, which is the month of Christmas! More family, friends, and joy just because of the time of year and what it means on so many levels for me. Here comes 6: I love Christmas!

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