Wednesday, November 3, 2010

prayer is SO important.

An excerpt from a blog I've been following for awhile now, from the father of a 2-year-old with Neuroblastoma.

"I miss Charley. I miss home. I miss a bed which doesn’t wake me up literally every other hour with
messed up shoulder pain. I’m tired. We’re both tired. We’ve been exhausted for a year. We’re doing everything we need to be doing, I know that. I know all the comforting words and viewpoints, I know this too shall pass, and I know we’re where we need to be right now. It just sucks, the whole thing of it. Days kind of just pass, you never know which day of the week it is or what hour. I’m hungry… what meal should I be eating right now? That sort of thing. You know when you’re really tired and you get that ache behind your eyes feeling? I feel that more often than I don’t."
Charley's their other son - one from a set of twins. His twin only made it here for a week before going home to Jesus.

Pray for Kyle & Robyn.
They amaze me, but they need His strength & our prayers.
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