Tuesday, March 17, 2009


No, not the temperature... at least not today. Today it is a balmy 73 degrees, and I am loving it. I am typically a winter girl, but by about mid-late February, I'm ready for spring. I know (having grown up in the midwest) that it is still a long time comin', but I'm ready for it. Ah, blue skies..."smiling at me"... Huge smiles.

The original reason for this was to discuss the annoyances I feel towards colds ... the kind that give you a stuffy or runny (or both) nose, sore throat, loss of voice, headache, other aches, etc. It's not so fun. And lately, these colds seem to hold on FOREVER. They just can't let go. No matter what medication I take, or what doctor I see, these colds (within the past year it seems) have gotten relentless. They take weeks to get out of someone's system.

However, through the randomness of emails recieved during the typing of this post, and the searching for a couple things during the process, I have decided that this negativity should really end here. Because I may have a cold, and it may be colder tomorrow (and the rest of the week), but life goes on, and, thanks to the Lord, it is good.

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