Friday, December 10, 2010

Rest & Joy

Found out today that one of the guys i'm praying for is doing better. respirator is out & he recognized his dad & could even give his (dad's) name. praise God!!! AND another friend prayed for the first time because she cares so much about this guy. God is at work!

also, i was given a few hours off this afternoon and properly squandered them was good to focus on nothing for a bit. then i headed over to a couple of friends' house to watch their kids & the kids of their friend as well. so adorable. the new little guy i met wanted to show me everything & have "miss kara" follow him everywhere. i received tons of hugs and love and had fun watching the four of them dancing to the christmas music from a light-up house, and pretend to play the guitar with it. hilarious. and joyful. i love kids. and these are some of my favorites.

thanks to God for rest healing and joy today.
and to you for reading.

(i'm so dedicated to you/this i wrote it out of my droid! ;) oh, the joys of portable technology...)

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