Monday, December 13, 2010

Old Movies of Joy

(ok, so I wrote this post and forgot to post it last night... so technically it's from December 12th, but hey, we knew I'd miss ONE, right?? ;) Moving on...)

tonight marked another wonderful evening at a friend's house (well, actually the house of her and her husband) watching yet another wonderf- well, another old movie, anyway.

Christmas in Connecticut - it was wonderful in that it brought together friends, made us laugh (1945 was apparently an interesting year...and full of inuendo...) at the characters, the story (how many times, when someone walked onto screen, we all went "uh-oh" in the most melodramatic way, i don't know. i should have counted), and the funny lines. don't worry, everything was "hunky-dunky" by the end of the night. ;)

oh, and it was topped off by many sweets - kettle corn, home-made Christmas cookies, home-made peanut brittle, chips & salsa... the list goes on.

perfect end for a crazy week, to be surrounded by friends. even if i did have to drive home in the freezing cold and wind. ;)

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