Sunday, April 4, 2010

Plans for a Day Off

I am so excited for tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong - today was/is AWESOME. It is Easter, and I have been celebrating my Risen Lord. I have seen family and friend (yes, just one), had good food, and good conversation. I got to see my niece (cutest baby in the world) and got to see pictures of the newest addition to my family (sparking conversation about whether she is my 1st cousin once removed or my second cousin - she's my cousin's daughter. Thoughts/descriptions/clarifications are welcome - along with what my niece and her would be to eachother). Close second to the cutest baby in the world. And now, I have helped my mom clean up, and am shortly heading down to the basement to spend some time with my dad. Wonderful day.

Just after everyone left, the rain started. The thunder started before the last family was gone. HUGE thunder. Sort of comforting; especially knowing that I get to stay here tonight and don't have to rush home in the rain for work tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have a day off. Our offices are closed.
And I get to see my best friend! It's been about 2... no, wait, 3 months since I've seen her. What!??!?! (Far, far, faaaar too long.) Oh-kay. stop. breathe - this will be remedied tomorrow. ;)

We have some tentative plans - some of which include movies, Starbucks, lunch of some kind, meeting friends of hers I should have met a long time ago, and...well, we'll see how it all pans out.

To sum up:
I am excited. About tomorrow.
More than I can really even express.

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  1. Hey so I hope this day was up to your expectations despite the various roadblocks we hit.