Thursday, April 15, 2010

In case you were wondering...

My day off was wonderful!

It was a little yes, busy than I originally thought it would be, and involved more running around, but was still spent with my dear, dear friend, and was fabulous.

We got Starbucks (always necessary), ran a few errands (at Target, of course, along with a couple other little ones), and then hung out at her house a bit before heading out for a little stint at the mall (something I haven't done for quite awhile). Good times, my friends. Seriously.

Now, if I had been doing all these things by myself somewhere, it would have been exhausting, tedious, too much in one day. But with my amazing friend, it was fun. We laughed, we have new jokes because of it, we have more insight into how we are each doing right now. We got to enjoy each other's company while doing the things we needed/wanted to do that day.

Getting side-tracked from the "original plan" (which was hazy at best) had no effect.
The excitement paid off. There are still not adequate words to express how much I enjoy time spent with this friend. Love it.

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