Monday, April 27, 2009


God hit me up today.

I have a few friends who blog, some frequently, some not so frequently. Some of them probably don't even know that I read what they write. That's ok. I enjoy their insight, the knowledge God has blessed them with.

Today was rough. Today was a day when I would have liked to stay in bed and have someone else in my shoes. Nothing was particularly bad, I just had a hard time of it.

This afternoon as I didn't really have time to start another project, I thought I'd take a minute to read up on a couple blogs I hadn't checked in about a week. One had a great encouragement just waiting for me. I still feel a little bogged down and drained, but my perspective has begun to shift already (I read it only a few minutes before writing this). It is a good echo to what I had written earlier. God is my strength, and only when I have faith can I be strong because of Him.

Thanks, Adam, for letting God use you today.

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