Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sun & Fresh Air...

I love sun. It makes me happy.

Not happy like I want to sit in it forever and get cancer, but happy as in, skies are blue, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, I can open my windows and let the fresh air in.

Maybe that's it. I love fresh air. IT makes me happy.

That's what is the best - even if it's raining, I love fresh air. Have you ever taken a walk in the rain? In a sprinkle? In a downpour? On purpose? So fresh. And very nice.

Today I left work for a break to run to the bank, and I had a very hard time getting in my car to drive there. Then, when I returned, going back into the building to go back to work was just as hard! But, I anticipated the end of the day and walking back out into that perfect fresh air and sunshine so much. Ah, perfect day. So wonderful! Definitely taking a walk when I get home.

I know this is contradictory as you are online to be able to read this, but I strongly encourage you to turn off your computer and go outside. Enjoy the fresh air. Whether it's raining or sunny where you are, it doesn't matter. Take a book, or take a walk, or a run, or whatever else you would like, and sit under a tree or under an awning if you have to, whatever, but get out there.

And the good news is, tomorrow in Chicagoland will be fabulous as well! 70 degrees, more sunshine. So if you're in that vicinity, there's really no excuses! ;)
Then, the next time it's raining, I challenge you to put on a sweatshirt and a raincoat and some good shoes, and go outside. It's a wonderous experience.

Oh, fresh air, how I love you.

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