Friday, April 24, 2009

thank God for a good friend

yesterday did not start as a good day.

i had some stress that jumped in without warning. horrible.
i called a couple of my best friends (who were, of course, at work and unable to answer the phone) and my dad (same story). was there no one who could calm me down? let me vent and get it out so i could start to try to move past it?

when i finally got to my email at work, i saw an email from another best friend (one i hadn't tried to call). i called her immediately. despite being at work (the others, including my dad, had been in meetings - absolutely NO blame on them), she answered and was able to let me get out my emotions and ask for prayer. upon hanging up, i felt slightly better, but not as good as i would have hoped for such a beautiful, sunny, busy day.

i must say this is the part where the friend came to the rescue. this is a good friend. she admitted later that she spent some time after we hung up trying to think of a way to cheer me up. needless to say, she did come up with something. it involved a very good knowledge of the types of things that make me smile, and the knowledge of me to know that this was the time to pull it out. a magical email came my way and made me laugh out loud. i called her directly to let her know what a miracle she had just worked.

my attitude was immediately 1,000 times better, and remained so for the rest of the day.

she had class last night, and when she got home early, my response was, "wow, you're home early!" her answer was, "well, i'm giving you a massage now." :) nice. so, after the massage, and downing a rather large glass of water, i went to bed in a much MUCH better attitude than i had been all day.

today, i was able to start off well, and have the prospect of a very fun weekend.

thanks, friend. you started me back on the right road.

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