Saturday, April 11, 2009


can be Awesome.

God has shown me that through this past few weeks. I have been working strange and long hours, I have been so tired I don't know what's keeping me going, I have craved diet coke (which my friends do, but I do not, although I do enjoy it). These types of things should drive a person crazy, but instead, I have felt blessed. And I have seen many others blessed because of what is going on in my church.

This weekend consists of:
  • Good Friday services (2)
  • Easter ExploXion (Egg Hunt & more)
  • Easter Eve services (2)
  • Easter Morning services (3)
I don't have a ton of time to write (tons still going on), but I felt the need to just jot these things down.

God can use the crazy - if you let Him. He turns good attitudes in a crazy time into a wonderful witness. It encourages people you didn't even know needed encouragement. He lets you see the kids with huge smiles on their faces. He lets you hear their parents talking about what a great thing it is for their families.

We had 2 services for Good Friday, and God provided workers. He provided kids for how many crafts we had prepared so we weren't wasteful. He provided stands for banners in the nick of time this morning. He provided people to volunteer at all the stations that we needed this morning. He provided patience as people waited in lines for egg hunts, obstacle courses, cookie decorating, and petting zoos. He is providing people to blow up balloons, as well as to hand them out to the kids that come, both tonight and tomorrow morning. He is providing people to watch and teach children tonight and tomorrow.

I am excited to see what else He will do tonight and tomorrow as young and old are presented with the opportunity to walk through the door and accept Christ into their lives.

I know that the impact this weekend will be huge.
Thank you, Lord!!

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