Friday, September 4, 2009

Today, I celebrate.

Yup. It's my birthday.

And, (apparently) I like the word "yup." I've used it too much in my typing lately... along with "apparently"...

Today, I am blessed to have been given 27 years on this planet, and to have spent 22 of them as a child of God. How much better can it get?

Life may not be easy, but I sure am thankful today.

Thankful for the several/many (I didn't count) friends who have wished me "happy birthday" on facebook or via email - both old and new and in-between. Including a link to a song from my brother, which made me laugh (though I don't really like the show) because I could hear him singing it in my head (though I've never heard him singing that particular song either - i don't think - but I know the voice he uses to mimick such things). I laughed out loud. Thanks Drew.

I am thankful that I am breathing. I am thankful that I have a place to live, a job to support me, and friends and family who care for me. And for the Starbucks treat that came my way unexpectedly today (a venti (L) drink for the price of a different (cheaper) grande (M), and a coupon for a free drink the next time I decide I'd like Starbucks). Mm. nice.

Plus, I'm looking forward to a long weekend (thanks for the labor-day weekend always around my birthday) with friends, family, friends, family, and possibly more friends.

Today, I feel like I can do anything.
Today, I celebrate.

I am Kara, hear me roar.

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