Friday, September 18, 2009

Here she is!

Yes, I know I'm not either of the parents...but they've already posted some pictures on facebook. These are just the ones i had on my phone that look the best and won't get anyone mad at me for sharing them! :) (So, I'm sorry, but there are no pictures of Mommy & baby...)

Her name is Belle Elyana (El-yan-na), she was born yesterday, September 17th, and she is amazing. Her name means 'beauty' and 'God has answered' (it is an English-type "translation" of a Hebrew word). I love her so much! I wish I could have stayed longer! ;)

Ok, here she is!

With her Daddy:

Her pretty self - she was very sleepy today!:

Oh, the sweetness...
Thanks for indulging me on this one. ;)

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