Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hope is an Interesting Thing

I have found myself hoping for many things lately, probably due in part to the stress I have been feeling.

I hope to feel closer to God, rather than farther away like I do now.
I hope to get better at my devotional time.
I hope to be a better Christian.
I hope to be a better witness.
I hope I stop feeling so stressed.
I hope my niece is born soon.
I hope to find a husband.
I hope to have children of my own.
I hope to be a better friend.
I hope to be more positive.
I hope I am encouraging to those around me, even in tough situations.

Some of these things require diligence, patience, and work on my part. Some of them require patience, and waiting on God. All of them require faith - and that will only be steady as I grow. If I become stagnant, I will not remain faithful.

I hope I can continue to grow.
I hope I can be patient.

I know my Hope will see me through.

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