Monday, July 13, 2009

What is needed

I logged on for a minute of my 'lunch break' today to type this quickly, since it's been over a week, and I still haven't posted it, plus, hopefully it'll bring a little smile to some faces, as it was sorta funny. Not laugh out loud, but more like small chuckle. Either way, it should lift spirits a tad.

And when I did, I saw my last post, and while I'm having too rough a day to really laugh out loud or even chuckle, they did lighten me a little bit. So, good job me, on that last post, I guess. ;)

There are 2 things about this make the title correct:
1. Sometimes, you need funny stuff.
2. Sometimes, you need ID.

The actual reason for this post: I just wanted to make a note about getting carded, while with my parents at their "Lakeside Festival" in Crystal Lake. We walked up to the booth, we got ready to pay, the guy asked for our ID's. None of us had them. We were all (me, my mom, my dad, and my youngest brother) over 21. He gave my parents the regular orange daily color wristbands, and then gave me and my brother the "fun ones" (his words, not mine) - so those crazy kids can't cheat and get booze. None of us were planning on getting any alcohol, but it was the principal of the whole thing. We didn't know they were charging to get in (never done that before) or that you would need to have your ID with you.

The kicker is, this guy looked like he had to be my age, maybe a year or two older/younger. So there he sits, trying to make me feel better about the fact that he can't give me an adult paper bracelet... give it up, kid, give it up.

Hey, at least its sort of a good story.

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