Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thoughts & Blessings

This morning I read (most of) an article entitled, "Who Can Be Saved?" from an intellectual-type magazine-type publication called "First Things" and the article was written by Avery Cardinal Dulles. My dad gave me this magazine about 2 months back (this particular edition is from February 2008) and I just got around to reading the reason he gave it to me this morning.

As you can derive from the title of the article, it is a thought provoking one. I have thought about this before. I have wondered how it is that literally everyone can be saved if only they believe in God, when I know clearly that there are people (whether becuase of remote living places or shortness of life) that they have not been able to hear the "Good News." How is it that God can say that eveyone has been given the opportunity to become believers, and be saved, and spend eternity with Him?

This question has racked my brain many times...and I'm not sure I've gotten to a good decision about it yet. I don't like the idea of people being condemned to hell when they haven't had a chance to "see" Jesus/God/witness the Holy Spirit. However, the article makes a good point about general revelation. The problem is, does that make it "good enough" to save you if you believe in God through that? or "a god"? or a "supreme being" by whatever name you give it?

That, of course opens up discussion about other religions or other "Christian" type lifestyles, etc. I think I'll save that for another day's discussion/thought process... otherwise you might be reading forever today, and I don't think either of us can handle that right now.

Many things to think about; and I think it's healthy to think about these types of "dilemmas" (or whatever you'd like to categorize them as) from time to time. I would venture to say we don't think about them often enough. Today as I pondered them on my way to work, and thought about the things I would have to do today, I realized how incredibly lucky and blessed and excited I am that God chose to allow me to find Him early in my life and be as close to Him as I am. I am so blessed to be given the opportunity every day (although I don't take it as often as I should) to learn about Him, to talk to Him openly, to read His Word and get to know Him better, to talk about Him with other believers- both privately and in public places. Amazing.

And it made me think about what I need to do to start my day and keep my (true) priorities straight. Start by giving it to Him. Not holding anything back to myself. Because I can't do it. None of it. He gave me the gifts and the time. He gives me the ideas and the strength - literally and figuratively. He is the one who can accomplish it by using me.

Have you given today to God?

Not yet?
2 times already?
50 times already?

Just do it (again).
Do it now!

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