Saturday, January 15, 2011

God is good

yesterday was another hard day, which i knew it would be, but ended up being so for more reasons.

i hate that.

but i went out with 2 wonderful friends last night for some good food and an amazing (true) love story while curled up on a couch with a gigantic, delicious, red velvet cupcake and homemade cream cheese frosting (the leftovers of which i will eat today).

still, this morning, i was thinking about the discouraging stuff from yesterday (it's hard to escape the blues).

but i had my life group meeting with my lovely ladies and we talked of forgiveness, where our focus is, and how we should truly be thinking about life and its circumstances.

after they left, i planned an evening with a friend (for tonight). i already have seen things that remind me of yesterday's difficulties, and i know i will have to deal with those again next week.

but God is good. He is in control. and He has given me a weekend filled with Himself and friends and laughter to help me keep going.

God is truly good.

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