Thursday, January 20, 2011

It feels like friday

it's thursday, but for some reason it's felt like friday all day - perhaps because of the tumbleweeds rolling through the building...

tomorrow (the real friday) will feel even weirder, i guess... we'll see. hopefully the (extra) silence will make for a(n extra) productive day.

i've been busy today, though i feel unproductive. i'm getting more used to the changes i'm experiencing, and was helped immensely by my small group's discussion last night - which was phenomenal despite being extra small. God truly is good, and He is showing me little by little that He's the One carrying me as i navigate new waters in many areas of my life. i feel the strength behind me, His arms cradling me. while this isn't the best time in my life, it's becoming more and more apparent that it certainly isn't the worst either (which i already knew, but it's nice to have that fact enunciated).

plus as a bonus, my best friend had the best idea today, and is going to research making it a reality - and it will help us both gain a little perspective and a bit of much needed rest - and soon.

i can't wait.

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