Sunday, January 16, 2011


First let me say that this post is NOT about chick-flicks. And it will be short. I hope. But we must begin with the setting. So.

Tonight I decided to watch Valentine's Day. I know, don't say it - it's a sappy chick-flick with no plot and underdeveloped (or non-developed) characters and it's probably not worth much of anyone's time. But I'd seen it once and couldn't remember if it was worth watching again or not, and as I had the opportunity to give it another go, I decided to take the chance.

I (almost) always watch the previews before a movie on DVD. I can't help it - it feels a little strange to skip them. As the previews began on this one, it was the normal chick-flick stupid stuff - pretty standard on these "best movie for a date night" type things... (although I don't agree with that line at all...)

Then, out of nowhere, I'm watching a (long - original?) trailer for Doctor Zhivago. No kidding. And when I realized what was happening, I thought, surely, this is some sort of TCM or remember-the-old-classics type of thing. But that bit never came. It literally was a preview to go watch Doctor Zhivago. I was curious to see what the next would be. Another like Sex & the City 2? Or another classic? Tada! Gone with the Wind, in all it's original, how-it-was-meant-to-be-seen glory is now on Blu-ray! How can you resist Clark Gable and all that great music?

And what, possibly, could follow these classics on the preview role on this romance movie? What else would fit but "The Bachelor: The Videogame" with all it's lewd flirtations, vacations and your favorite bachelors & bachelorettes from the shows? My only reaction: WHAA??? This was followed by some other beach part Wii game which I still don't understand. Finally, to top it off, AFI had a "preview" of movie clips - mostly of people watching movies (in movies) or laughing/crying together at something off screen - to ask you, the audience member, to register as a member of the AFI - because you're so important to them.

Now you're set to watch the new, light, cheesy movie actually on the DVD. Congratulations. And yikes. If that wasn't random, I sure don't know what could ever qualify to be.

This is one I'll be skipping previews on if I ever watch it again. Which, given my track record of forgetting how much I didn't like or didn't care about certain "romantic" "comedies" is a possibility. ;)

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