Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup Goodness

It's World Cup time, folks, and I couldn't be happier.

USA won not only their game yesterday, but in doing so, won the top of their group as well.

I was 'only' watching the scrolling ticker at Emirates MatchCast since I was at *ahem* work....(to steal my cousin's words "World Cup > Adulthood responsibility.") This was wonderful, even if it was just as stressful as actually watching it - and probably better, 'cuz it's easier to tear yourself away from text rather than the *actual* viewing of the game (as my cousin well knows) so I guess I'm secretly glad (?) for the inability to download the necessary software to use espn3 online.

Highlights (missed goals until THE highlight at around the 1:30 mark).

So stressful to "watch" this game - I was more vocal than I would have thought, rrr-ing and groaning at my computer screen and scaring the ladies in my office (until they got clarification that I was following the USA and ENG matches, and further clarification (!) that that was World Cup 'Soccer'...after which I was labeled "so cute"...).

But they won, and they're on to the Round of 16.

And, in case you're wondering where all the other countries stand (so far) check it out here at FIFA's official site. Time for the happy dance: so much football!!!

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