Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not a dry spell

but close.

I feel the need for a new post here. (done... sort of)
I also feel the need for pictures to be posted (on facebook) of all the business (busy-ness) I had in May.

I think today is not quite that that day.

My personal laptop has endured (albeit somewhat lethargically) for 4 years. It has been defragged, wiped and rebuilt from beyond factory settings, it has virus protection software up the wazoo. It is soooo slow. It refuses to open any program without a 10 minute delay. Minimum. It won't play music without a weird echo or skipping sound - even with a cd that I know is fine (if I play it in a cd player, no problem). On top of that, my iPod decided it was a good time to die. Yup. Can't listen to or add music. Didn't know it was having issues when I tried to add a new album to it, and lost what was on it - had to reset it to factory settings. Didn't help. Now it has nothing on it. I believe the hard drive went bad...and I am past my 2 year warranty so I can't get it fixed unless I want to pay (practically) enough to just get a new one.

SO I can't get on the internet at home, and am too frustrated to try anything else. 2-3 hours for 2-3 days is more than enough trying.

Which puts us at the lack of internet access at home limiting time to post ... *ahem*... posts or pictures, or anything.

Time to save tons of money for a Macbook and new iPod.
Maybe I can get one sometime in the next 5 years.

Wow. this turned into a real post...
Look for a new one in a couple weeks.
(next weekend i'm going to minnesota!)

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