Thursday, December 24, 2009

While waiting for Christmas to arrive...

I hung out with my youngest brother and his fabulous girlfriend yesterday. And by the time we'd been together for, oh, I don't know, about 25 minutes, I already had a wealth of great quotes. So, here to amuse you (hopefully) as it amused me, are the quotes I just couldn't let die:

- High five, right pinky toe! - R
- I don't trust your game. - R
- Pretend you're a pirate leaning on somthing. - S
- Oh, come on! That's like one of the all-time quotes-best. - S
- Rah-darn?? - R
- They had milk cartons and everything. - R

Then we went upstairs, where my mom was listening to a cassette tape (yes, not video, audio) from Christmases when my brothers & I were little (think 1987 - 1990). Meaning that the first one she was listening to, I was about 5, D was 3, and S was 7 months old. Again, quotes I couldn't help remembering, including one interjection as we listened:

- Carebear chopstick!! (chapstick) - K, age 5
- Mom: Do you know what that is, D?
D, age 3: (very excited) No!!
- Processing... - S, now
Face loading... - R, now
- Well whaddya know! - K, age 5
- and then more of 'em came singing glory to God - D, age 4
- My name is 2!! - S, age 2

OH, the joys of children. Especially children (young or old) at Christmas. ;)

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