Saturday, December 5, 2009

My favorite movie. Ever.

I was watching White Christmas on tv tonight (caught the last ... three-fourths... of it while doing things around the house, and when it started over again immediately after the credits finished rolling -thank you AMC- I couldn't get myself off the couch) and I realized (once again) how much I love Danny Kaye. I have seen several Danny Kaye movies and each has its memorable moments. haha. Like this (start at :45 if you don't want to watch the intro). hehe. Oh how I love it.

Don't get me wrong, White Christmas is easily one of the best Christmas movies ever. I love it. And every year I watch it several times - probably more than most would ever be comfortable with. I love the songs. I sing them very loudly (usually when I'm alone) along with the movie,. I love the dances. Some of them would never work ever again. But I love them. They are amazing and wonderful and perfect - nothing else would be good enough for this movie. And you have to admit - these folks are all extremely talented. *sigh* Plus, you can never get enough of Bing & Danny doing the "Sisters" routine. Never gets old.

I hadn't seen it yet this year, and while watching Bing & Danny dance and sing, I just had to look up some details. ;)
Thank you, IMDb.

However, White Christmas is not my favorite movie. Even if you were tricked by it being fabulous, and the huge picture, and the title, and my effervescence on the subject. And I was reminded while I was looking at the many movies these folks have been in (while digging around on IMDb) - my favorite movie. And yes, it stars Danny Kaye.

Court Jester. Best movie ever. I am always a little shocked, and a little more saddened when people have no idea what this movie is. So many fantastic quotes. "'Get it?' 'Got it.' 'Good.'" "The pellet with the poison..." Mmhmm. And that's just a start. The joys!

Oh, and it also stars Glynis Johns (mom from Mary Poppins), Angela Lansbury (please tell me you know who that is), and Basil Rathborne (the best bad-guy and swordsman ever - even better than Errol Flynn; No, really - and he was 63 when he filmed this one).

If you haven't watched this movie, you need to. Great humor; good, fun story; fabulous songs; some interesting choreography; tongue twisters I have never been able to say quickly enough to count; and good actors. Again all I can ... *sigh* ... If you can't find it, let me know. I have it taped. (Well, my dad did. And it now 'lives' at my house.) And maybe, someday, if I'm really lucky, I may own it on dvd before my tape gets worn out. ;)

Anyone able to name any other Danny Kaye movies? Go ahead, try it. Good stuff. Watch out or I may make you watch quite the marathon. :)

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