Sunday, December 13, 2009

Surviving the crazy weeks

I have actually gotten through 2 of 3 crazy Christmastime weeks at work. (!)

The first one had moments, not lengths, of crazy. And I was foolish enough to think "hm, this might not be so bad this year!" Stupid to think that. I should have known better.

The second week was much more crazy. It had moments of peace. Actually, it only had nano-seconds. But that's ok. I still saw God working, and in the end, that's what it's all about. Completely. Plus, when it was all over (and I actually mean literally after the event was over on Saturday night - well, ok, literally after I was finished cleaning up for the immediately following service) I had several people saying "thank you" to our team, and expressing how much they enjoyed it and how great it was to have this event at our church. Bonus. Glory to God!

Now, I look forward to the last week. I know there will be moments of crazy. I am hoping that the craziness this week is limited to nano-seconds (reverse of last week). I actually think that may be possible. But I know that when this week is over, God's glory will be shown - through everything I'm lucky enough to be involved in. My job, my volunteering in the choir and the production they're doing this weekend, and all the extra time that goes with it.

I look forward to seeing family on Sunday, as well as friends, family, and more friends in the two weeks following, along with some time off from work. I look forward to going back after this break refreshed and ready to jump into the new year with new anticipation and excitement for how God is moving in our area, in our church, in our lives, in our hearts.

It's gonna be good. I can't wait.

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