Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yes, It's True

I can't wait for Christmas.

This morning, I was shivering at home. Then, I was shivering outside on the short walk to my car. Now, I am shivering in my office. Later, I will be shivering outside and then at home again.

I can't wait.
So much that I almost watched a Christmas movie last night.
No joke.

I really just want to get all my Christmas stuff out and start decorating. And listening to Christmas music. But I will wait (or try to) until Thanksgiving. Although truthfully, I haven't made it that long yet. Not once. The longest I held out, I still gave in to the music and at least pulling the stuff out about 2 weeks before the end of November.

What makes it worse is that it's supposed to snow sometime this weekend - who cares if it doesn't stick, or stay that long... it's snow! And, of course, I mean "worse" in a purely "how will I possibly hold out now" sort of way. (For those of you not crazy like me, and thus not quite paying attention, this post is frighteningly early. Last year I held out until October 17th. I'm about a week and a half early. Oh, wait. I did post this last week, so maybe this current post just solidifies the crazy. Shoot, that means I was 3 weeks earlier than last year! There is no hope now...)

Who's with me?

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