Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Danger, Will Robinson

Having internet access at home is dangerous. Very. Dangerous.

Especially when you don't know how long it will last.

Tonight, I was to be packing. For a trip I leave for on Thursday, from work. Tomorrow night I have my small group (yay!) so tonight is the only night to pack, other than the last minute throw-ins on Thursday morning. BUT, instead, having (for the second night in a row, mind you) gotten a signal on my wireless connection, I wasted some time. Ok, ok, lots of time.

I got on the library website and reserved a couple things I've had no luck finding on my own. I looked up a couple movies I'm waiting on - both on dvd and in theaters. I looked up the weather for my trip, and for home so I know how to dress for work the next couple days and on Sunday when I am getting back home. I also looked at a recipe or two (I love the food network), and a couple tv shows to see when they come back on/when their season ends.

Now, as I sit typing this, I wonder how I could let my evening get so out of hand. How have I gotten to 11pm and STILL not started packing?? Granted, it won't be that hard: jeans, socks, tennis shoes, t-shirts, sweatshirts - we'll be doing yard work, etc. But still, I should have put it in my bag. And I'm realizing that even if I wait until tomorrow after small group, it won't be as late as it is now. But I will (most likely) be more tired ... I think. So, I still plan to at least pull things out, even if they don't make it quite all the way into the bag tonight.

I also started to get a little worried about what will happen when I have internet (that is faster, and easier, and doesn't require the slight shifts of the computer trying to get a good enough signal) regularly. However, I then realized that most of my ... obsession ... with it tonight is that it is a novelty. And I don't know how long it will last. Or if I'll be able to get it back tomorrow. If I try. Which means, when it's official, and I'm not sweating that I might lose it and never get it back, I will not be so obsessed with trying to look at everything (essential and non-essential) in one sitting. (At least that's what experience has taught me.)

So, again I state: the internet at home is dangerous.
It makes it far to easy to get Lost in Space...

but (of course) I still want it! ;)

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