Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'Fast' Sound

You know that sound when something is whizzing by you? You hear a voice in the moving car, a yell in the falling bungie jumper. The zoom of the car gets louder, and then more muted again as it moves away.

Today, I am hearing a yell. It is coming from somewhere ... inside me, I think. It keeps getting a little closer, then further away, but I can still hear it. It never gets far enough. I think I'm trying to run away from it, but somehow the ____ (insert whatever it is here - cuz I haven't figured out what it is yet) is still keeping up just enough to hear the scream.

It's driving me crazy. and it's making me want to yell. Maybe if I do, I'll get it out, and it will go away; I'll be able to outrun it. Maybe it'll just make it worse. I don't know.

but it's got to stop.
i'm starting to go nuts here.
and it's making everything else almost unbearable.

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