Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting excited about...

Yes, I admit it.

I am already getting overly excited about Christmas. I smell the scent of burning leaves (prompting the desire for fires in the fireplace), the crisp fall air (yay!- although some would simply say "cold"), and wake up freezing in the morning because I have left my window open overnight. I have been fighting the very strong urge to listen to Christmas music all the time. Not just one or two songs here or there, but to indulge in the joys of listening to it and (almost) nothing else. Not quite there, but almost.

Wow. I think I may have a problem.

In fact, tonight as I was trying to decide what movie to put on while I was cleaning my house, I seriously contemplated putting on the VHS tape with all the children's Christmas movies that I love so much.

Well, I talked myself out of that, and ended up watching something that was on...while I figured out how to start my "automatic" gas fireplace. (I had to cave into something!) It was fabulous! Never having had a gas fireplace before (shoot me, I've had real ones, where you actually use wood), it was quite interesting. I was actually a little afraid to light a match near it (it is gas, which is extremely flammable, in case you were wondering), but didn't really know what else to do. So, I turned on the gas, hoping it was actually as low as I thought it was, and proceeded to light a match. Whoosh! Flames! Ah! However, they were not as big as I feared, and (as this thing is obviously designed for this) it immediately calmed down and became a nice, warming, comforting fire. And yes, I cross-stich, crochet, & embroider while I sit by the fire.

And in case you were wondering, it seems that I am an 80-year old-woman. Who likes Christmas alot.

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  1. I'm an 80 year old woman too.

    Meanwhile, I can't believe you watched even 30 seconds of The Ring. What were you thinking?!