Friday, June 12, 2009

Can you smell it?

Driving into work today, I saw some landscapers/carers out mowing. Even with the windows barely cracked, I could smell the freshly cut grass. Mmm.

It caused a succession of thoughts revolving around those things which, when I smell them, bring a smile to my face - every time. I'm sure you have those too, most people I've ever talked to have at least 1 or 2 things that give them that feeling of nostalgia when the smell acosts their nose.

Here's my list, in no particular order:
*(obvious) freshly cut grass
*the air after a huge rain (when it's been only one day...not weeks...)
*my grandma's house (either one, but both are distinct)
*the lake/cabin (again, different, but distinct, and sometimes rolled into one)
*clean laundry
*Jasmine flowers -at Grammie's house or mine.
*my mom's apple pie baking
*skin after it's just been in the sun for awhile (blame my mom, but don't tell her!)
*my dad's aftershave
*the ocean, and all that goes with it (seaweed, sand, etc.)

At this point, I arrived at work. I still was "smelling" some of those things (funny how your brain can do that...) but had to fix my focus a little (work to do, you know). By now, I've usually forgotten whatever it was I was thinking about in the car. But not today. Today I can't stop smelling ocean and laundry, and I'm looking forward to smelling the cabin for real come Tuesday night.

Let the good times role.
And notice the smells around you. :)

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