Monday, June 29, 2009

Attitude & Others

I found out something interesting today. I may have known it before, and just forgotten. Or I may have "known" it, but never really experienced it in a way to make it real. Today, I can say that - at least for now - I know what it is to be cheerful for someone else because they just can't do it.

I don't just mean you fake it. I don't mean that you sit in your chair and smile a huge smile and tell them it will be ok. I mean a genuine, positive, uplifting attitude that permeates everything you do and say around everyone you meet. And it's affected by the fact that someone you care about is having a really rough go of it. But not in a negative way (for you). You may be commiserating with them, admitting that this is no fun, but your attitude still shines through, and changes the atmosphere for everyone involved.

I have 2 wonderful friends that I was in close contact with today who are both in that hard hard place. And, though I fully expect to be hard pressed myself at some point in the next 2 weeks, today, I was in a great mood. I was praying for them almost non-stop, I was listening, I was offering to do what I could to help, I was genuinely in a good place in my head - despite not having slept well last night.

This is not intended as a 'pat-myself-on-the-back' sort of note. It merely occured to me, moments ago, that a day that could have been a major downer turned into a blessing - and hopefully not just for me.

And honestly, I really think this positive attitude generated from my morning devos, where I pretty much was just thanking God for several things - specifically, not just generally. That's a good way to start any day, and I honestly believe that that is the reason I was able to make it through today the way I did.

ALL glory be to God and His goodness.
See what He can do when you let Him use you instead of you trying to figure it out.

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