Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Woah. It's almost May.

I meant to blog more frequently. Honest, I did. When I realized I'd missed most of March, I thought I'd make up for it (or at least get back on track) in April. But it's officially the 26th, so I guess I missed that boat by a long shot. I suppose this will be a bit rambling, as I should really be sleeping by now. I apologize now so you can't complain later (not that you ever do).

I've been working - a lot - and finding (with my roommate) the next place I will live. The place we found is not too far away - just back to the next town (city?) over. I'll live in the same place I work in for the first time in 6 (7?) years. I suppose that's a little weird for me, but not really. The drive will be similar in time, but it is a little closer, so that'll be nice for the wallet. Let's hope.

I have just come through the Easter season at work, which is always busier than I remember, but also equally blessing to so many that it's worth it - even if I'm more exhausted than I care to admit. I also realized over this past weekend that I'm moving soon. As in, 3 weeks soon. And I have a lot of cleaning, packing, transferring of bills, canceling of services, etc. to do before that time comes. Thankfully, because of all that time working, I have some days off this week to help me recover... and pack.

Today I meant to do most of the cleaning around the house (before there are literally boxes everywhere), but my body had other ideas - as it does now. I slept late-ish, read, fell asleep again, got up, ate, started to clean, sat down to let the drano do it's thing, was too tired to get my butt off the couch, finally did get off the couch, continued the cleaning, realized I needed to eat, made dinner, finished cleaning the one area (for now), and have spent a chunk of my evening listening to talented people sing songs and talk about interesting things on YouTube, and attempting to start rallying people to help us move.

When it started to rain, I shut my eyes, thinking I'd be able to start drifting off, and head to bed. That was 3 hours ago.

And I'm so tired.
Here's hoping I won't fall asleep during my many meetings tomorrow...

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