Thursday, March 31, 2011

And you thought it was Spring...

silly rabbit.

I know this is a bit redundant - I've said it a few times today - but seriously? SNOW?? in APRIL??? Nice April Fool's joke for us, as that's the forecast for tomorrow. 

Yeah, I know, I live in Chicagoland and we have 2 seasons, winter & construction. In reality, we actually have a couple weeks of spring and fall - whether you believe it or not. And it tricked us, as it always does. We had a (literally, one) week of beautiful, sunny, mid-50s to mid-60s weather. Then it got colder again as expected, and the threat of snow is always there when the overnight temps lie around 20-25. But as it gets closer to April, we all always hold out hope that it won't snow again. Of course, it always does. How have we not learned this?
Hope springs eternal.

And the sun comes back on Saturday.

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