Tuesday, March 1, 2011

B.Reith Single TODAY!!!

Today's the day! B.Reith's new single, "Knockin' on My Door" is out! It's already noon, it's been out for 12 whole hours, so hopefully you've checked it out since my excitement from yesterday, but in case you haven't DO IT NOW!
I was so excited that this morning, I only did one thing before purchasing the single: this morning's Twitter post. :) So so happy!
It was followed immediately by the purchase.
You can do it too! Now! Do it now! You won't be sorry. - Plus, I just found this promo video for the single!! ;)
The sad thing is, once it had finished downloading, I had to bolt out the door to get to my meeting on time (stupid slow computer and it's stupid slow downloading...a story for another day), so I emailed my newly purchased B.Reith single to myself, and buzzed out the door.
This means, my first hearing of the (amazing) song was JUST before this post. I LOVE IT!! It's on 'Repeat (1)' - anyone in my office has no choice but to love it as much as I do, or suffer if they don't, but so far, they all like it - so fun! I believe I'm on time number 4 already - I keep stopping my typing to listen.
Thanks, B, for another amazing song.
Can't wait to hear what's next. :D

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