Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I promise to get better at this again... it just may take a little while to get settled back in...

I have been beyond busy since January, and with Easter just over, and summer looming, it doesn't let up. Throw into the equation my move to my new apartment in less than 2 weeks. I'm excited about the move (with an awesome roommate), but it adds to the BUSY. I am sick of packing, and loathe the thought of unpacking. I'm already looking forward to my vacation at the end of June, when I can really rest up despite having just had a 4-day weekend (it was full of packing and cleaning, not much of the much-needed-rest).

So, I think of writing, but never quite get there. And today, I'm so stressed I can't sit still, can't think straight, can't quite figure out how to keep going, or what to work on, or how.

I have this feeling I need to be bold, but don't know where to begin, or what that really looks like right now. I know I need to keep my faith strong, and that I still live in the promises God has given me. I need to be better at reading my Bible daily (more than, really) so those promises are etched deeper into my brain. I feel restless, I feel incomplete, I feel like I'm floating and can't find the ground beneath me.

I'm glad I'm not the One in control.
But I admit, I wish He'd give me a blueprint to follow. Or a list. I like lists.
Deep breath.

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