Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September is the new August

My dear friend has this...well, it's not a saying, it's more a fact that most people in her life know. August is busy, crazy busy, and just plain crazy. The two of us talk to each other several times during the week - sometimes more than once per day - but in August, you can see the proverbial tumbleweeds rolling across the dusty, western type streets. Communication is at the lowest possible, all that is heard are the necessary cries for help and extra prayer to get through the day.

I realized today that my September is similar to her August. However, mine is not just one month. It is stretched to include the last two weeks of August. I just want summer to be over - isn't that awful?? (It is still too hot, so even though some people are starting to be sad that it's fall, it still feels like summer to me - when it's 93 degrees, I just can't call it fall, sorry.) I am so busy, it's crazy. It all needs to be done, it's not worthless (for the most part), but it's crazy busy. And, of course, there literally isn't enough time in a day. Some days I actually contemplate grabbing the blanket from the back of my chair, and the sweater too, and curling up on a pew in the sanctuary for awhile before I have to get back to work. I have actually been asked (several times over the past few years, and by more than one person) where my room is, where my bed is, if I live there (in jest, of course, but seriously? this has to be an issue...) It's shocking that I've had a few posts now in the last couple weeks, but of course, I've not been sleeping well...

So, there are only 2 things keeping September in a positive light:
1. my birthday
2. my niece's birthday

That, and, of course, the fact that God is truly in control.
Even (and especially) when it's crazy.
Bring it on.

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