Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The missing posts

Yes, they exist... but this isn't it.

I will post soon, giving details of events gone by, vacations taken, and general thoughts...beware...they could get long... (!)

This is just a (little) note to assure that I have not (as some might believe) gone missing, or anything of the sort to scare or alarm you.

Sit tight, we're in the (next) busy season (Reason #1, and thus partial reason for not posting much). Reason #2 is that my computer has decided it doesn't like to work. At least not long enough to make it worth trying. So, I'll be saving oodles of money to make it happen... sometime... Until then, I'll either fight it or write snipits during my "break" at work.

The promise to return has been given. Trust it. ;)

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