Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going into Monday...

As I prepare to head to bed, I thought I'd better get these -ahem- thoughts down before I forgot. Because I think I'll need to remember them a few times this week.

I serve a great and mighty God, Who has gone above and beyond anything I can even imagine - I can't even come close to actually comprehending what He's done for me - and how much He loves me. He has given me gifts (relationships with people, helping others, singing, playing the piano, listening, praying, I could sit and think of more, but let's move on) that I can use better than someone who hasn't got those gifts from Him. My responsibility is to do the very best that I can in this world, in the situations that present themselves on a weekly, daily, hourly (minutely?) basis. As long as that is my goal (glorifying Him by using the gifts He's graciously given me), there is no such thing as failure. No matter what does or does not get accomplished in this place, in the world, in my life, my job, my relationships with others, if (IF) I am truly doing my best FOR HIM, I cannot fail. He won't let me fall and smudge His Name. I do not (absolutely do not, no chance, no question about it) have enough strength or force of will to do that day in day out - sometimes even hour or minute in or out - but He does.

Therein lies my confidence. My ability to persevere. My ability to continually pray to the One Who is my Rock, my Strength, my Guide, my Protector, my Savior, my Peace. Because of these things (promises He's made to me - not that it'll be easy, but that He will never leave my side), I can be content in Him. It doesn't mean I have to like the situation(s), but I have to trust Him, have confidence in Him. And because I know that He's the One in charge, I can be truly fearless in the fact that I am His, He is mine (!), and He knows what's gonna happen even when I don't (which is almost always). Peace that transcends understanding. Contentment.

Glory to God, forever.

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